Cook With AGS: Greek Aperitivo Olives
Tuesday 28 April 2020

Cook With AGS: Greek Aperitivo Olives

Continuing our series of Greek-inspired recipes for you to try at home, we present to you our third recipe in conjunction with Christina Kotsileliou. A long-time friend of the brand, Christina is known for her fresh, simple takes on vegetarian cooking with a twist. We invite you to cook alongside us and share your efforts on Instagram with #CookwithAGS

We love sharing our passion for Greek food and culture with you, and seeing your efforts has brought us real joy in these testing times! For an opulent yet simple, healthy snack we’d love to see you try our..

Greek Aperitivo Olives

Serves 8-10 (but can be stored in the fridge for 2 weeks)

Black Olives:

3 cups small black wrinkly olives (the Thassos island sun-dried variety work perfectly)
2 large oranges
1/2 tbsp dried chilli flakes, or 1 small fresh red chilli, deseeded and chopped
6 sprig of fresh thyme, minced
2 tbsp thyme honey*

1. Zest one orange and juice it. Cut the other orange in half. Using one half, slice it thinly. You can either use the whole slices, or cut them into small triangles.

2. In a large bowl, combine the olives, orange slices and chilli. Add the orange juice and zest, thyme and honey and mix well. Let it marinade for at least half an hour for the flavours to blend before you serve.

You can store the olives in a lidded glass jar in the fridge for about two weeks. Perfect served with red wine for a Greek aperitivo!
*If you don’t have access to thyme honey, you can easily infuse your own. Just wash and dry a few sprigs of fresh thyme and add them to a clean jar. Pour in your honey (any kind will do) and let it infuse for a maximum of five days, after which you can remove the thyme. The honey takes on a wonderful scent!
For more of Christina’s recipes, check our blog every Friday, where we’ll be continuing our #CookwithAGS series!

You can also find her at http://christinakotsilelou.com/ and on Instagram https://instagram.com/ckdoesla