Ancient Greek Sandals X Harley Viera Newton
Friday 07 May 2021

Ancient Greek Sandals X Harley Viera Newton

It’s been said that Summer 2021 will be this millennium’s summer of love. As international travel looms bright on the horizon, we reunite with loved ones, and the idea of - gasp! - live music becomes a reality once again, it’s a time to be happy. And this time to be happy should extend to our wardrobes. Be gone, leggings and banish to the back of our wardrobes, all black outfits. It’s time for maybe our most fun collaboration yet… made especially for a summer of love. Behold, our collaboration with Harley Viera Newton.

Playful and joyous were the words of the day as our co-founder and designer Christina Martini collaborated with Harley Viera Newton. Says Christina, “I would call this collection ‘The feel good collection’ as I am sure that wearing the sandals will make you smile.”

Harley is known for her smile-inducing prints - fruits, hearts, and palm trees to name a few, usually found stamped across her best-selling dresses. Small motifs like these were simply crying out to be stamped on our sandals, and that we did.

The Clio Hearts style sees a chain of leather hand-stitched hearts smattered across the foot in four colours - natural, off-white, black and red.

The beautifully classic Kaliroi sees a heart cut-out in the main Mary Jane style strap, Harley says “It’s hard to be a favourite, but these might be mine…. [they] add fun polish to any outfit, both jeans and dresses.”

For a truly fresh, fun, imaginative look, check out the palm tree t-bar sandals, or the latest update to our Clio pool slide, with bright cherries embroidered onto clear vinyl (bonus points for the comfort sole.)

The Clio sandal sees multi-coloured fruit (pineapple, anyone/) delicately painted on our signature leather in three different colours.

And for wearing immediately, no matter the weather? You’ll want to see the Alglaia clog with a bold heart buckle - one of our personal favourites.

These shoes are made for dancing, and we hope that’s just what you’ll do. Be sure to tag us on instagram @ancientgreeksandals if so!

All seven styles are available to shop here.


Taygete Clear Cherry

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Taygete Clear Cherry
Taygete Clear Cherry
Taygete Clear Cherry
Taygete Clear Cherry
Taygete Clear Cherry - CLEAR
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